Electrosurgical Instrument Insulation Tester for the Operating Room

You will prevent patient burns in the Operating Room when you use InsulScan™

Insulation failure is a reality. A microscopic pinhole in the insulation of an electrosurgical instrument will allow up to 100% of the electric current to escape and assault the tissue surrounding the surgical site. This results in patient burns, latent infections, and extended recovery times. Even single use instruments commonly reveal evidence of defective insulation.

With InsulScan™ in the O.R., this is a risk no surgeon or hospital must ever take again.

A quick check of the insulated instruments with InsulScan™ immediately prior to the case will expose any defective instruments so they can be removed and reinsulated. One last scan post-operatively will confirm for the patient’s surgical chart that no defects occurred during surgery.

“. . . with liability risks for instrument malfunction equal to those for surgeon error, it would be prudent for hospitals to ensure that they have an adequate system in place for maintaining equipment and testing it for insulation degradation.
Laparoscopy Surgery Update, April, 1988