Flexible Biopsy Forceps

Flexible biopsy forceps are extremely delicate and if repairs are attempted by an incompetent repair source, they can easily be damaged beyond repair and they can, in turn, damage your endoscopes.

On the other hand, with conscientious and competent maintenance, flexible biopsy forceps can have a virtually indefinite lifespan. The very capable technicians at Mobile Instrument take great pride in these complex repairs. Using only brand new, top of the line replacement parts, we repair all sizes and brands according to manufacturers’ specifications. Whether it’s jaw sharpening (which should never be attempted by an untrained technician) or a total rebuild, we’ll see to it that your repaired forceps will function like new again, and you won’t have to purchase a replacement unnecessarily.

Estimates are free, turnaround is fast, and each repair is serialized for tracking purposes.