Medical Fiber Optic Cable Repair

The fibers found in many medical devices, like light cables, retractors, rigid and flexible endoscopes, are long thin strands of glass about the diameter of a human hair. These fibers are arranged in bundles and are used to transmit light to the surgical field

Broken, burnt or damaged medical fiber optics can reduce the light output to your surgical site which causes a substantial decrease in the optical clarity that is so vital.

Cuts and holes in the sheathing of your medical fiber optic cables can be an entryway for fluid or gross contaminants. This kind of damage can leave you at risk of patient cross contamination. Our Mobile Instrument Representative can provide you with an inspection of all of your fiber optic instruments on-site and at NO CHARGE.

fiberoptic_cableRepair Capability

In addition to fiber optic cable repair, we also offer repair services for Surgical Head Lights, Lighted Surgical Retractors (with or without suction), light carriers and other lighted surgical and diagnostic instruments.

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