Rigid Endoscopes

High Quality Rigid Scope Repair

Using only new German optical components that meet or exceed OEM specifications, our skilled rigid scope technicians can repair and refurbish over 98% of those endoscopes we receive.

Experts in Rigid Endoscope Repair

We repair scopes from all manufacturers including:

Stryker®     Olympus®     Dyonics®     ACMI®             Linvatec®        Medtronic®

Guidant®    Storz®             Wolf®           MicroAire®     Richards®        Xomed®

We also repair all types / models of rigid scopes used, such as: Arthroscopes, Cystoscopes, Laparoscopes, Semi Rigid Fiber Ureteroscopes, Operating Laparoscopes, Carpal Tunnel and other small joint scopes, small diameter hysteroscope, bariatric and vein harvesting scopes.

Through continuous research and development, our Rigid Endoscope repair lab recently expanded their capabilities to new heights in announcing the addition of da Vinci® robotic endoscope, and EndoEYE™ repair.

Benefits as a Mobile Instrument Customer

We can provide detailed history reports of your rigid scopes and pinpoint trends in damage. Add to that our extensive library of Educational Materials and expert In-Service capabilities of our Mobile Instrument On-Site Representatives, we demonstrate our dedication to helping you reduce your repair costs.

If it is determined by your staff that inventory numbers can’t support your case loads, we can also provide you with high quality pre-owned rigid endoscopes. Contact us for a quote here.

In addition to rigid scope repair, we also provide services for the following equipment:

Rigid Endoscope Repair FAQs

Q. Where do you get your optics and replacement parts? Do you use original manufacturer parts?

A. Mobile Instrument purchases replacement optics from major optics manufacturers in Germany. Although we do not buy direct from the manufacturer, we do purchase direct from a supplier that makes optics for many of the top OEM’s. We purchase only new, high-grade German optics, and replacement components that meet or exceed the original equipment standards. Some parts, such as eyepieces, are custom made at our own full-service machine shop.

Q. What brands of scopes do you repair?

A. Mobile Instrument repairs all brands and types of scopes including: Storz®, Dyonics®, Stryker®, Wolf®, Olympus®, Circon ACMI ®, Linvatec®, Solos®, Comeg®, Zimmer®, Baxter® plus many more less known brands!

Q. Do you service any other endoscopic equipment?

A.Yes. Mobile Instrument repairs a wide variety of endoscopic equipment including rigid scopes, flexible scopes, light cables, video cameras and couplers, light sources, printers, MIS instruments and much more!

Q. Are there any specific brands or types of scopes that you cannot repair?

A. Less than 2% of the rigid scopes received each month are tagged non-repairable. We have no real limitations in terms of brands or types of scopes. We repair many difficult scopes that other companies, including the OEM’s do not repair, including small diameter scopes, Grin Lens carpal tunnel scopes, operating laparoscopes and semi-rigid fiber ureteroscopes.

Q. Are repairs, parts and materials autoclave, Steris® and Sterrad® compatible? Does Mobile Instrument ever use latex in repairs?

A. Yes, materials are autoclave, Steris® and Sterrad® compatible. We DO NOT use any latex materials in any repairs. All materials meet USP Class VI requirements for medical grade use.

Q. What is your turnaround time?

A. The average turnaround time for a standard rigid scope repair is 3-5 working days from approval. Some of the high quality epoxants used may require up to 4 hours to cure before final leak and quality control testing.

Q. Do you have loaners?

A. Mobile Instrument stocks an enormous inventory of free rigid loaners for use while your scope is being repaired. The most common brands and styles are available. Please call for availability. Overnight delivery is available for orders placed before 4:00 pm Eastern Time.

Q. What is your warranty period on a rigid scope repair? What does it cover?

A. Mobile Instrument has the best rigid warranty in the industry. ONE YEAR on all rigid scope repairs. This far exceeds the industry standard of 90 days. The warranty covers repairs completed and protects the customer from fluid invasion due to seal failure during the warranty period. The warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, abuse or mishandling. (For example, dropping of scope, shaver or laser damage to tip, damage from flash sterilization, etc.)

Q. Can you repair autoclavable scopes?

A. Yes, we can repair autoclavable scopes. USP Class VI epoxants are rated to over 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q. Can you replace sapphire objectives on Dyonics® or Stryker® scopes?

A. Yes!

Q. Do you “repair” rod lenses or objective lens assemblies?

A. No. Repairing optics is a sub-standard repair solution. In order to insure the best image quality and longevity of repair, we only replace these optics if damaged.

Q. The distal tip of my scope is scratched. Can you polish this?

A. Possibly, but probably not. It is very rare to have scratches so superficial that they can be polished out without polishing into the objective lens, light fibers or shortening the scope. Scratches, gouges or nicks on the tip usually require replacement of the entire objective. Some repair shops do polish but if done too frequently or too aggressively the scope can become seriously damaged.

Q. Our scopes seem fine but then fog after sterilization. What causes this?

A. Some brands of scopes and video cameras are not compatible with all methods of sterilization. The harsh chemical sterilants (or heat) cause leakage or chemical damage to the glass that will cause a foggy image. Many companies also use UV glues as sealants that do not hold up well with most harsh sterilants. Our scope epoxants, camera epoxants and materials have been tested and are compatible with all of the above-mentioned methods .

Q. Does Mobile Instrument offer in-service programs? What about preventive maintenance inspections?

A. Yes. Mobile offers in-service education for the OR, CS and Bio-med staff for the care and handling of rigid scopes. Your local Mobile Instrument onsite specialist can also perform routine rigid scope preventive maintenance inspections in most areas.

Q. Can Mobile Instrument provide detailed reports and history reports on scopes that are sent in for repair?

A. Certainly. History reports can be generated at any time and include date, make, model, SN#, price, invoice, PO# etc. We can also custom design the report per the facility’s request. Detailed service reports are returned with every rigid repair.

Q. Is Mobile Instrument a provider on my national or regional contract?

A. Mobile is an approved provider for over 20 national and regional purchase organizations. Please call 800-722-3675 for details and contract pricing information.

Have Questions?
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