Color coding that lasts and lasts.durabond

It’s safe, it’s simple, and it delivers dependable color-coding convenience. DURA-BOND Plus® is not a plastic dip or easily contaminated tape. It is a chemically adhesive epoxy resin that is thermally applied so it stays put much longer.

With DURA-BOND Plus®, no staff time is wasted dissolving and reapplying messy tape. Our tests have proven that DURA-BOND Plus® is so durable it remains intact through countless cycles of processing and autoclaving.

It’s safer than tape, too because it forms a tight, impenetrable seal that prevents the invasion of bacteria and surgical particles or fluids. And since it is only applied to non-sensitive, low-contact margins of the instrument, the surgeon’s touch is never compromised.

With 16 colors to choose from, the available combinations are endless. Assorted color codes can be assigned by tray, department, physician, procedure, etc., for obvious and absolute instrument identification. It makes sorting fast and efficient.

DURA-BOND Plus® is compatible with ColorCues®, Mobile Instrument’s exclusive system for ring handled instruments, so all instruments can be coded according to user specifications. Available only from Mobile, DURA-BOND Plus® is applied on-location by our surgical instrument experts, so hundreds can be color-coded daily and they never have to leave your facility*.

It’s about working faster and working smarter. Replace that expensive sticky tape one last time with DURA-BOND Plus®, the economical and lasting solution for all your color-coding needs. Only available from Mobile Instrument!

* DURA-BOND Plus® is also available at our National Repair Center

Also available: ColorCues Surgical Instrument Color Coding