Reinsulation of Electrosurgical Instruments

Re-insulation capabilities that extend the life of your electrosurgical instruments and repair capabilities that bring them back to life, expertise you can depend on, that’s a Mobile Instrument trademark. Our maintenance capabilities always help you realize more from your instrument investment.

Economical and fast, not only do we provide routine reinsulation service, we repair extensive mechanical damage and perform major instrument rebuilds, all at a fraction of the replacement cost.

For maximum patient and surgeon safety, our insulation materials are OEM standard, medical grade Class VI, the most resistant to electrosurgical assault and the most durable, as well. Mobile Instrument houses a vast inventory of German-made replacement parts, so we can quickly restore your damaged electrosurgical instruments like graspers, scissors, forceps, hooks, spatulas, etc. to factory new condition. Estimates are free and fast.

We reinsulate instruments from all makers with your choice of four industry-standard, fully autoclavable colors–blue, yellow, gray or black.

reinsulationWhether it’s re-insulation, a minor repair or a major rebuild, there is a repair alternative that makes more sense than replacement. It’s Mobile Instrument. Surgical Instrument Repair just doesn’t get any better!

Prevent patient burns in the O.R. with InsulScan™ Electrosurgical Instrument Insulation Tester