Sterilization Container Repair

Damaged sterilization containers are too frequently discarded if convenient repair alternatives aren’t available. With Mobile Instrument’s same day on-location repair, however, we can return those containers to service immediately. Our mobile repair labs stock enough replacement parts to repair even the most severely damaged containers. In addition, our technicians perform free preventive maintenance inspections to help avoid future problems. It’s simple. At Mobile Instrument, preserving equipment is what we do best.

containers_v• One Repair Source for Multiple Brands
• On-Location Convenience
• Eliminates Excess Inventory Needs
• No Shipping Concerns or Costs
• Significant Savings vs. Replacement

On-Location Repair Services Include:
• Gasket Replacement
• Latch Replacement/Repair
• Adjustment and Replacement
• Handle Replacement
• Handle Color Coding
• Inner Tray Repair
• Baffle Tray Repair
• Pin Replacement
• Hex & Stud Nut Replacement
• Burr and Dent Removal
• E-Clip Replacement
• Container Labeling