Introducing ScopeControl – Available only from Mobile Instrument Service


The only fully automated rigid endoscope testing system that ensures your scopes are an exact match to manufacturer designs and ready for OR use.

Scope Control uses measurements that are taken from new, unused scopes in six key performance areas. The system then measures your scopes against the measurements from a new scope and provides a simple pass or fail rating on each scope in less than 3 minutes.

angle-of-view light-fibers
The angle of view on the distal tip of
the scope is tested against the
reference created from a new scope.
The light fibers that transmit light to
the distal tip are tested for brightness
and light emission.
field-of-view light-transmission
The field of view is measured in
degrees and represents the visible
range of the scope.
The ability of the scope’s optic train to
return a bright image to the eyepiece of
the scope.
focus color-correctness
The focus of the scope is measured
against the reference measure taken
from a new and unused scope.
The accuracy of the colors that are
displayed through the scope is tested
against the baseline measurements from a new
and unused scope.

Easy to Learn! Fast to Use! 100% Accuracy!

   What Will ScopeControl Do For Me?   

   How Does ScopeControl Work?   

scopecontrol Testing in Two Easy Steps…

Place the scope inside the testing unit and close the lid.

Use the touch screen to select the make and model of the scope and input the serial number if this is the first time testing.


In 1-3 minutes the system will produce a simple PASS/FAIL result from the test.

scopecontrol-pass   scopecontrol-fail

Test results are automatically saved and backed up. Print the test results or reports everytime.

View a demo of the system online at

   For More Information   

Contact your local Mobile Instrument Service and Repair Representative or our National Office at 937-592-5025 / 800-722-3675 and ask for ScopeControl®.