Endoscopy Instruments

Brand NEW Endoscopy Instruments at Affordable Prices!

Mobile Instrument is pleased to offer SpeedLock® Laparoscopic Instrumentation. SpeedLock® instruments can be disassembled in 3 simple steps for thorough cleaning and have an irrigation port used for flushing out the barrel when complete disassembly is not desired. speedlockThese instruments have been counter-designed to prevent common malfunctions often found in other modular instrument designs.

Instrument highlights include: High grade German stainless steel jaws (resistant to torque, tension, and corrosion), innovative and unique bayonet coupling, makes assembly easy and secure. System can be completely taken apart for comprehensive cleaning. All components are autoclavable.

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Atlas Pin Cutter, Heavy Duty



In addition to Speedlock®, we’ve applied our experience to our Kwik Kleen® and Arthro-Pro® designs to bring you a reliable line of surgical instruments from the company you’ve trusted with your equipment for over 30 years, Mobile Instrument Service & Repair.

KwikKleenKerrisonKwik Kleen®


Lap Band Retractor



Atlas Pin Cutter, Heavy Duty


Detachable Needleholder

Much more available in our Speedlock catalog. Download a PDF version