Flexible Biopsy Forceps

Sometimes equipment simply can’t be repaired and replacement is necessary. That’s why we carry a top quality flexible biopsy forceps, for the quick and convenient solution when yours is beyond repair.

Whether you need “hot” or “cold” models, Mobile Instrument offers both, and each model is reusable.

With a reinforced, swiveling handle, the binding and kinking which often necessitates repair or replacement, is significantly reduced.

The optional teflon coating protects the instrument channel of your flexible endoscope and helps reduce the amount of bio-burden a forcep takes on. For documentation purposes, each new forcep contains a clearly visible serial number which helps to track procedures as well as repairs.

With a 90-day warranty on all new forceps, the decision is clear. Whether replacing or adding to your inventory, the Mobile Instrument brand of flexible biopsy forceps brings you the same kind of quality and value in a product that you have trusted in our repairs since 1978.