National Headquarters

Hospital staffs from coast to coast have traveled to our National Repair Center in Bellefontaine, OH to learn about surgical equipment preservation and repair, and precautionary maintenance.

Experts in all our repair departments are skilled in demonstrating proper care and handling procedures to help you maximize the life of your expensive equipment, as well as showing you how to avoid and prevent user abuse and misuse which results in costly repairs.

You’ll tour our endoscope repair labs, both rigid and flexible, our power equipment repair center, and our instrument maintenance center where our technicians handle everything from sterilization containers to laparoscopy graspers.

In addition, you’ll meet the skilled professionals who actually perform your repairs, along with our enthusiastic and dedicated customer support staff who serve as your Mobile Instrument contacts when you have questions about your repairs.

We’ll make it educational, interesting, and entertaining.

So come see us. We run the nation’s largest surgical equipment repair facility and we’re proud to show it off.

Please ask your local Mobile Instrument Service representative to arrange a Repair Center tour for you and your staff. It costs nothing and the educational benefits are priceless.